How do you know when someone's nice?
I mean how do you know that they really like you?
Can you be sure from what they are saying
That it's not just a role in a game they are playing?
I mean, can you have faith that they aren't just displaying
False affection?

How do you know when someone's right?
I mean how do you know that there's no-one nicer?
There's surely a chance that you could be mistaking
This one for The One, just to stop your heart aching.
I mean, isn't it worse if you risk yourself taking
Wrong decisions?

                                How do you know?

challengelooking for lovelove's tempestriskshelter from the stormstar crossed love

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Aviva Rifka Bhandari

Sat 12th Jun 2021 14:14

Thank you Moon.girl and Stephen for your comments

Moon.girl, it is a situation that keeps recurring and a poem with many sequels

Stephen, so it seems, we never can know (either before or after) as we can never correctly guess the outcome of any path, nor find out the outcome of any path we don't take.

Thanks also to everyone who has clicked 'Like' for this poem

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Stephen Gospage

Thu 10th Jun 2021 17:45

Maybe we never do. Perhaps this one can become the one with time.

<Deleted User> (31922)

Thu 10th Jun 2021 16:44

Anxious to know the answer sequel of this poem?

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