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Rengoku 煉獄

Why was I brought into purgatory?

I took my life hoping death would be the final end to my story. 


When will the purification process begin? 

I’m tired of being punished for my previous life ruled by cardinal sins. 


I feel like I’ve been here for centuries,

Stuck in a sempiternal loop tormented by past melancholic memories.

Whilst the fire slowly purges my soul, 

I a...

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how to escape this maze?

its fiendish endless turns

daylight fades into night

each star shining yearns


she led me by the nose

foxed my clueless radar

adrift on a pond of doubt

no hint of the North star


abets my rush then turn

laughs at each blind sally

sneers at my geography

each old dead-end alley


how did it come to this?

no escaping the sorro...

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Set Them Free

How The 'Few,' Rule The Multitudes


     'We,' are niether Darwinian, or Adam & Eve. We are, an Alien Hybrid. Our Architects, our engineers, our rulers, are few, and we, are the many. So how, do they keep control. What follows, is how 'we' ourselves, have been conditioned, and orchestrated, and manipulated, to uphold the whip for them. It is a whip they no longer need to weild as what is la...

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We're trapped, they said. 

I saw it, have you - 

The eyes that seemed wild with insanity? 

You only get a free one way ticket - 

To the place that feeds on the life of you.  


It's a crossroad, they said. 

One path may lead you to Heaven, 

While the other to Hell - 

However, did the naivety of your souls 

Ever give in to ignorance? 


Stealing away

A curiosi...

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