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Rengoku 煉獄

Why was I brought into purgatory?

I took my life hoping death would be the final end to my story. 


When will the purification process begin? 

I’m tired of being punished for my previous life ruled by cardinal sins. 


I feel like I’ve been here for centuries,

Stuck in a sempiternal loop tormented by past melancholic memories.

Whilst the fire slowly purges my soul, 

I a...

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Imago Dei

Are you there?


I pray to you each and every night in despair, 

Yet they remain unanswered as if you do not care. 


I sink solely in my thoughts,

As heartache floods through my veins.

Suffocating and feeling distraught, 

Trapped and stuck in these emotional chains. 


My life has come to that of which only you can intervene.

My soul is no longer at peace (and you...

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I was a student at the time so

Lodgings were par for the course

I'll never forget Balham and

Mrs Gleeson, or was it Gleeful?

She'd knock on my door late at night

Usually there was some pretext,

A dog barking or a creaking stair

Then she'd sit on the bed and

Offer me a fag

It was only a matter of time


Uninhibited is the only word

I was left covered in scratches


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