Rule Britannia


Find an island teetered

On frightened migrants, barrels of oil, 

And African diamonds.

Find a child swathed in red water, 

defiled by the law of the man up top,

pockets heavy, conscience ready

to burn and claw at power

To grovel, devour

To fester in Westminster

the cries of innocents 

talked around, spat on

With self-serving ambivalence

A game of blame, one upping

Teeth gleaming, posing for a press cutting.


Hard on crime they say,

With noses white

Soft on the middle class,

As they tie that noose tight

Hard on immigration,



They say,

With soft hands

When all this means

Is to defend the billionaire’s right to spend

Wealth robbed from palms of hands that cannot strike out or band together in 

union for fear of becoming 

the one they use 

to show their



So who’s to blame? Who can we name and shame, exclaim is the one to go?

Ourselves? For filling the piggies trough by marking X next to the Conservative box?

The king of the marble palace makes the steps too high

Then blames the builders who built it

For never learning how to fly.


Because the problem isn’t aristocracy, old chum, it’s democracy, 

that old commercial kernel of infernal hypocrisy.

‘Rule by the people’?

Well I guess they’ve got a point,

With Red party, Blue party we’re spoiled for choice.

Always going for one we resent the least,

Using him to prevent the ascent of the bent,

and accepting his lesser evil.

Reducing our nuance to a point in a percent,

For two parties who concentrate wealth

Making net worths of Branson and Bezos augment.

But we have a voice,

so why should we fight?

I mean after all,

This is democracy



Power is bleary eyes,

Hid behind lenses of the necessary pretences.

It’s cataracts of antipathy

clouding delusion into conviction 

in relentless friction with the cries of the desperate,

Bleeding inches away from the nose,

Which with disgust they pinch and lift,

From the blue body of a boy lay floating on the drift.


Oh yes,

Rule Britannia.

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Uilleam Ó Ceallaigh

Sun 22nd Jan 2023 10:53

With self-serving ambivalence
A game of blame, one upping
Teeth gleaming, posing for a press cutting.

Bravo Jake.

I've always been a Labour voter by instinct.

So when Blair first came on the scene with his teeth gleaming, I sussed him out right away.

Sad truth is, Starmer now at Davos, doesn't represent the "working classes", the nurses at foodbanks, or the cleaners in our railway stations...he's just the other cheek of the same arse which has been dumping on the UK for the past 12 years.

"Cruel Britannia, Britannia waives the rules...."
"Gruel Britannia, Britannia plays us fools..."

<Deleted User> (34737)

Wed 11th Jan 2023 22:14

works fine for us-excellent

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Jake Burke

Wed 11th Jan 2023 18:25

Tried something different with this one! think it is better when read aloud, as have tried to get a particular metre to it. Think of it as a carthartic exercise in political anger lol

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