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Diary Of The Southern Queen Entry #18 {He Just Don't Realize That I Still Care}

{Diary Of The Southern Queen Entry #18} {He Just Don't Realize That I Still Care} 




He treats me like

I never really even

existed to him even

when I did `n` now wish

I didn't exist to him

but in his reality I 

don't or never did but

I still do care though




`n` he doesn't care about

me or never really did 

because if he did he

would at...

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I Feel You In My Bones

{I Feel You In My Bones} 



I feel you in my bones 

I feel you embracing so deep that I feel it in my bones even though you are no longer here with me it's your everlasting ever essence of you that has me feenin for you 

I feel you in my bones so much that I still carry your love with me every where I go  

I feel you in my bones as the day's are long 

I feel you in my bones ...

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Truth Of Our Love

Yes this is very true for my husband he is the lighthouse in my storm that we whether together or try to overcome the things that has been placed in my life and that has affected our lives as husband and wife and he is my comfort when I need comforting and he is my light to guide me on my darkest shores that kept me away so far bay and as his love and wisdom and caring and support always guides me...

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Dear J.

Dear J.,

The first time that we meet
was at a eighth grade track meet
and since then we've became friends
though now I think that's changed; for me at least.

It was at that night
and that other night too
that I realized I was wrong
because to me your more than
just a friend because day by day
I'm slowly starting to fall for you
and day by day before I'd realized
my feelings for you...

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