Dear J.

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Dear J.,

The first time that we meet
was at a eighth grade track meet
and since then we've became friends
though now I think that's changed; for me at least.

It was at that night
and that other night too
that I realized I was wrong
because to me your more than
just a friend because day by day
I'm slowly starting to fall for you
and day by day before I'd realized
my feelings for you, I had adored
all the little things you did and do.

All those silly faces we do,
all those times you picked on me,
all those times we'd hit another
for no apparent reason at all,
all those little things are few
of the things that I adore.
And now that I realize that I was wrong
I want you to know that I truly do like you
and all I want is for you to be happy.

                  Crystal R.

dear loveloving you

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