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I'll Bet You'll Start Loving Me?

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{I'll Bet You'll Start Loving Me?}



One day I'll bet you'll 

start loving me when I

start loving someone 

else which isn't you 



But you had that

chance but you chose

someone else to love

besides me 



One day I'll bet you'll 

start  loving me when 

you see I am better

without you 



But you chose her

and not me 



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What Is This?

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{What Is This?} 


What is this game we call life 

And how do you win 

And how do you survive 

And how do you make it out alive

And do we use pawns 

And do we have check mates 

And you say that my heart will do just fine

Or will this game we call life will I make it out alive 

And only in due time will tell me if I shall survive 


©Tina Glov...

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To Hear Your Name

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{To Hear Your Name} 

To hear your name

it's just like another

dulling sword that

has pierced straight 

through my heart 

ooh-ooh the pain 

To hear your name 

©Tina Glover All Rights Reserved/ One_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer August 11,2016 but posting here on February 23,2018

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Truth Of Our Love

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Yes this is very true for my husband he is the lighthouse in my storm that we whether together or try to overcome the things that has been placed in my life and that has affected our lives as husband and wife and he is my comfort when I need comforting and he is my light to guide me on my darkest shores that kept me away so far bay and as his love and wisdom and caring and support always guides me...

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Breaking the Duck at the Roisin Dubh, some Salsa Dancing and Tai Chi in Galway – Getting through the Bucket List and Early Onset Mid Life Crisis!

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Try something new they said. So that was my challenge for this week, and I also got to introduce a Galway audience to the brand of poetic humour that Dublin and Tullamore has come to expect from our Carty!

The open mic night at the Roisin Dubh was something I had wanted to partake in for a while. From the poetry to the comedy gigs down there, I am a regular attendee, normally a heckler ...

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7 Poems for Valentine's Day 2014

Poetry and Valentine's Day are embrionic.  So this year, on my blog I posted 7 poems on each day of the week leading up to the 14th. They were popular.  I also recorded audio francesmacaulayforde.wordpress.com files.  

Unfortunately they were recorded with the sound down low and you need to turn up the volume to hear them.  One of my jobs is to re-record them as soon as I have time...  


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BLOG --- Its been a while... since my last confession!

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Bless me Father, for I have sinned...
Its been a hell of a long time since my last confession here!

As always with blog posts, it bes a while between them. I call them my "confessions" as it normally sums up what I have been doing in the while before them.

So, for the past year, we have had a number of poetry readings in Tullamore and thereabouts with theTullamore Rhymers Club that I am part of, an...

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7 poems for Valentine's Day

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My New Year's resolution was to learn how to 'sound' my poems so I could share them on the internet.

I've done it - although I'm a beginner, I posted my first attempts on my Wordpress Blog as 7 Poems for Valentine's Day by first posting one poem a day, then finally the sound files.  

You're very welcome to check them out on here:  francesmacaulayforde.wordpress.com

I've had a good respons...

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Our Ghost Anthology is at last ready to go

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Well, content done, cover done just need to find an English printer who won't mess it up! Note that 'mess' was not my first choice of word. The title is 'Pressed by Unseen Feet' taken from TS Elliot's To Walter de la Mare' . The cover is by York artist Richard Barnes.

We are thinking of Launching it on the August Blue Moon.  

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New  blog up an running have a look  http://velvetmedia.wordpress.com 

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Moon Under Water



How are you today? Are you well? I’m very good today, a little tired but managing. Thank you for asking. I’m here to ask you for a favour.

I’m going to start work on a project soon about pubs and all the culture around it. By this i don’t mean all binge drinking culture aspects but the myths and stories that the buildings and regulars share with the place. I want to...

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Blogging is a new experience: I've read other's blogs with varying degrees of apathy and fascination and still wonder, with everyone and their aunt, (or uncle for those of a PC disposition), why any particular blog is any more exciting or interesting than another.

I am a poet, singer, composer (of the classical variety), run with my wife an open mike in York (www.yorkspokenword.org.uk) and ...

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