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Unkept Promise

I had promised myself

No running after the elf

However, twist of circumstances

We may have our share of differences

The heart pumped the emotions

And the mind couldn’t refute…

Even though we stood separated by distances.


There was a tussle between me and me

Me – the myself within, and the face outside – me.

We had arguments since the promise looked mock

By our pr...

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attractionfascinationgirl crush

Fascination Captivated

Fascination captivated,

Novel looks activated…

The admiration button is pressed on.

Mesmerizing you and I am smitten

This spontaneous effect was never written,

It is purely an add on.


Your eyes send ripples and they softly touch

Something happens in my heart and it’s too much

My heart beats fast now-a-days when I see you.

Although there is a distance,

Yet I feel ...

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girl crushthat girlbeautiful woman

For you I will do my best

Slowly you disappear into the past,
yet you are buried in my thoughts which I'm forcing to last.
Everything that you do,
finds a way to touch my heart,
and every word you say,
shows the beauty of your art.
Your bleached white hair,
perfect smile,
cute little nose,
an honest representation of your soul.
You say you want to give up,
but you don't have to go.
You're not alone, nor will yo...

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poetrygirl crushteen yearslove poetry

Poem for a Barmaid

(Somewhat tongue in cheek but here we go . . .)


You’re not expecting the thunderbolt to hit

Then when it does it hits you like a brick

One minute innocent and unmoved

The next incensed with passion and feeling bemused


Lovely face and beautiful eyes

The curve of your body is no surprise

Your smile affects me so, I’m feeling weak

And like a fool I can h...

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girlgirl crushlove

sarah beaney


I wish I was like Sarah Beaney

She’s strong and she’s tough and she’s cute

She’s got those great tits

And that intriguing lip

I wish I was like Sarah Beaney


Oh I wish I could be Sarah Beaney

She’s sexy and funny and smart

She’s never afraid of mistakes that she’s made

She knows everything

She’s the queen she’s the king

Oh I wish I could be Sar...

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girl crush

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