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I wish I was like Sarah Beaney

She’s strong and she’s tough and she’s cute

She’s got those great tits

And that intriguing lip

I wish I was like Sarah Beaney


Oh I wish I could be Sarah Beaney

She’s sexy and funny and smart

She’s never afraid of mistakes that she’s made

She knows everything

She’s the queen she’s the king

Oh I wish I could be Sarah Beaney


Nothing defeats Sarah Beaney

Nothing could quell that great charm

She shines and she glows

She sweats and she grows

So blooming in each pregnancy

By nine months she fills up the screen

Oh I wish I could be Sarah Beaney


Where Kirsty is surely Head Girl

Sarah would skive off for sure

She’s naughty but nice

Better take her advice

Raise your eyebrows but never a frown

Or your house it will surely fall down




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Laura Taylor

Fri 14th Jan 2011 10:03

Lynn - yes! Charlie Dimmock...mmMMM :D

steve - dead right. Nigella took it way too far though and I actually went off her :( She might as well have been performing fellatio for real tbh.

Anyway - MOAR girl crush poems! :D

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Thu 13th Jan 2011 23:35

How many diffrunt ways to shag Ms Beany ?
I can count at leat 57 :)

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Thu 13th Jan 2011 21:59

Personally, I think Charlie's Arse (poem brewing??) is a bit TOO great - a bit like that Great Wall'O China - can be seen from the surface of the Moon :D

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John Aikman

Thu 13th Jan 2011 21:47

Ok. So she does have great dugs...but we all know they are heading south...whatever she does...and, well, she is incredibly smug...despite her...umm...great dugs.

I'm sure there's a poem in my response,somewhere, but I can't be arsed...despite her great arse, too...which just pisses us all off really. Schadenfreude ...aaah, schadenfreude...

No, you're right. Great tits, but, does she keep giving birth to Beaney Babies?



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Lynn Dye

Thu 13th Jan 2011 19:26

I really enjoyed this poem, Ann. :)

Laura, I think you mean Charlie Dimmock?

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Thu 13th Jan 2011 17:38

Laura - you don't mean Christine Walkden do you ?
now she's a tasty bird - plenty'o meat on that one :D

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Thu 13th Jan 2011 17:35

she can come round & sort out my little erection anytime :)

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Laura Taylor

Thu 13th Jan 2011 16:12

I always quite liked that gardening bird...what was her name? Never wore a bra, all outdoorsy looking and football studs for nipples...

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Ann Foxglove

Thu 13th Jan 2011 11:30

Mind you, that Kevin McCloud's a bit of alright! ;-)

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