Unkept Promise

I had promised myself

No running after the elf

However, twist of circumstances

We may have our share of differences

The heart pumped the emotions

And the mind couldn’t refute…

Even though we stood separated by distances.


There was a tussle between me and me

Me – the myself within, and the face outside – me.

We had arguments since the promise looked mock

By our principles we both stood firm like a rock

Putting across our points of divergence

Vehemently opposing each other’s claim…

The way we quarreled came as a shock.


She is happy in her own sphere

Not even bothered about what’s happening here.

It’s my own fallacy prompted by my heart’s action

And seeing her face to face I felt a wave of reaction;

My voice turned jittery and my pulse beat fast

I lost the subtlety and much more…

Perhaps I should have understood the hint of caution.


Why didn’t I realize the promise that I had made?

Or do I enjoy walking bare feet on the edge of blade?

Watching myself in the mirror with white beard grown

It was allowed to grow to effect the seed sown…

Despite that how did my heart feel a beat for her

And crumbled like a stack of cards…

She has been a familiar face even the situations weren’t unknown.


There will be questions and these questions shall fuel the curiosity

They will question the judgments if I wanted to vote for promiscuity

The heart shall be quiet when summoned to a court

And it’s the mind that shall speak and gloat;

The verdict shall be passed and the reprimand shared

I may not remain the same me in the eyes of my loved ones?

I should act before I drown in my own pool of blunders and bloat.  

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Rose Casserley

Sat 31st Oct 2020 20:53

Fantastic piece of writing ai ou.

Please do keep posting.

Rose 💋

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