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Poem in Progress E

Sometimes you just have to 
throw your cards 
against the wind 
and watch where they land 
six plus five is eleven 
shows me where to dive 
how to jump 

deep inside 
the mirror behind 
the future a wall 



©JM. Cole 

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A poem for Ashraf Fayadh

Saudi courts, your rule of fear is finished
- the sentence on this poet negates your faith.
Your hollow incantation "God Is Great"
is plainly false if God can be diminished
by lines of verse. Should murder be admonished
to Ashraf Fayadh, forevermore his fate
will hold as evidence that you're afraid 
of poetry. Frankly I'm astonished:

astonished that a land so steeped in culture,
in li...

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PoLieTics - NaPoWriMo Day 2

We're all in this together,

we're here to represent you.

We will protect the NHS,

pensions, public services, free speech,

the right to protest, journalistic independence

and repair the economy.


But we must keep money

we NEED money.

Generators will not work without capital,

the magnetic pulse of the world will cease

and the crust shall become ...

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President's Speech


2012. A new president of the United States

addressing to Congress:


You, morons with wood brain!

Sawdust your heads contain!

Listen to me, you fools!

Lift your asses from the stools!

Go! Toddle or hobble to do good deeds!

Grow fruitful seeds!

Moderate your own greed!

Find out what people need!


©Larisa Rzhepishevska (Odessa, Ukraine)


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