Turning Mirrors

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Turning Mirrors


Roll up, Roll Up

For the job swap circus

Where the occupations

Of minor celebrities

Drawn to the power

Of politics

Are filled by the learned

Men they depose


Hanz Folckhart the physicist

Walks on a tightrope

Whilst juggling the balls

Of the theory of gravity

Bernard Bochelli a notable chemist

Throws great custard pies

At the bloated faces

Of cancer victims


Pier Von Blockherd the biologist

Shakes a chair

In the general direction

Of underfed lions

Whilst Christian Bolweevil

A dark matter mathematician

Tricks gullible marks

With smoke and mirrors


Meanwhile Donald the clown

And his sidekick Boris

Get suited and booted

And espouse proclamations

About science and industry

Schools and the class war

Transport, foreigners,

Disease and distraction


A jester in Whitehall

Backs an algorithm

To determine the worth

Of a studious student

Then buys faulty goods

In a mad panic purchase

Spending our money

As though it has no value


So here’s where the learned

The good and the holy

Can turn round those mirrors

The vain leaders look in

Develop a system

That takes the votes cast

And runs them through

A program of history


So that results are based

On previous records

And landslide victories

Can be turned to defeat

Then the jokers and villains

Can go back to their circus

And the learned and worthy

Can regain their positions

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