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The Abyss

I fell.
I fell expecting she would catch me before I sunk into the dark hole of my own wishes and beliefs. 
As i fell, 
Thoughts and questions ran through my head. 
What is love?
It's a feeling of deep affection,
But this love is more of a fatal attraction. 
When you love someone more than they will ever love you,
It becomes more like envy and fuel that feeds into your hopes and dreams of ...

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It was warm but not hot

With a bit of a breeze

He slipped on his loafers

And stepped out with ease


She chose the red flats

And a light airy dress

Not overdone

But sure to impress


They agreed upon eight

At the local estab

He rode the bus

She took a cab


A quick drink and a smoke

Then they headed down

To the carnival

That had just come to to...

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I liked the way he looked at me

Like I was the only thing he could see

or that was worth looking at. 


I liked the smile he made for me

A tailored face, specifically 

to tell me what he couldn't say. 


I liked the things that went unsaid

The message in the nod, the tilt of his head, 

the eye contact held too long. 


I liked his arms, skin brushing skin

A s...

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Falling In Love Alone

This is me

forgetting you

I still can’t quite believe it’s true

It hasn’t been

too long ago

when I stood up and let you know

I wanted you 

to hear from me

that I loved you, you said:

“You see,

I’ve known a while

it’s obvious 

it’s not your fault, not mine, but “us”

is not something that’s happening 

my words are painful, but they’re real

I’m sorry, I ap...

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Blind LOVE

You must know
Life is not a show
You go up, you go down
But stop acting like a clown

You may pretend you don't care
Anyway you know what we share
Every time we both meet
We're falling in love a little bit

I do love you but never said
I'll still be like a shade
Will be watching all your moves
One day you'll see it proves

That the one from the past
Was always first to give h...

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Writing Because of You

I write things about you

I love to write things about you

I always want to write about you

Ever since I saw your smile

Feelings of hapiness begins to pile

Ever since I heard you laugh

My heart became familiar of this unknown "stuff"

I knew right then and there

This feeling will even get deeper


And then one unexpected day,

Our gaze met... Oh Hey!

My heart beats...

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I'm to leave now


By: Ali Taha Alnobani

I'm to leave now

A tall ghost is carrying my bag

A long street is walking behind me

A mad merchant bought my smiles

And no water to renew the dusk

I can't have my step begun

Even if the rain washed my tears


I'm to leave now

Can I have a deep look at your eyes?

Can I take my dreams, your smile

And my dried red rose?


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Sofia's Masterpiece Story

By: Ali Taha Alnobani
© 2011 by Ali Taha Alnobani
A lot of people I knew
Tried to cross long bridges
Sofia's masterpiece story
Ended among her princes
They wished her to describe the picture
But she forgot her eyes
Upon the bridges' fences
A rhyme made of life
Attacked her burned senses
I adored Sofia
But the trees imposed ...

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