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Truthful Lie

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You had asked me once if I believed you to be equal to me


I told you yes - It wasn’t a lie


I believed you equal in every way


But only now do I realize, both, lie and truth in my answer


In that time of my life we were equal


But, as of now, we are not

You are not equal to this new me - the true me

One that is not starved and decomposing


No longer...

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I’m not a pyromaniac, but my emotions are like a fire.
Not dealing with past trauma because I don’t have what that would require.
So when I find myself alone and fighting the darkness in my head,
I end up saying so many things I wish were never said.

And as I look around at all the bridges that I’ve burned,
I know that by now, I really should have learned.
And as the smoke clears and my la...

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childhood traumadepressionex friendsfrustrationself harmtrauma





So tell me, is it because I dared to do what I wasn’t meant to

that you turned against me?

Having feelings for my sworn enemy, doing the thing I was sworn

not to, my love turning me a traitor to my cause,

my religion and all my beliefs?

The way the cards fall are often the strangest hand of all.

To save an enemy from the grave, her grave,


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