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So tell me, is it because I dared to do what I wasn’t meant to

that you turned against me?

Having feelings for my sworn enemy, doing the thing I was sworn

not to, my love turning me a traitor to my cause,

my religion and all my beliefs?

The way the cards fall are often the strangest hand of all.

To save an enemy from the grave, her grave,

is the reason you now turn against me, after the events.

You wish me pain and slander my name but I don’t care

as I know the truth of what happens on foreign Norwegian shores.

You all try to get one upon me – how can you be my friends

when you ally yourself with my real enemy, not one of the black religion?

No names need be said, my thoughts are enough to leave you behind,

alliances are broken and new allegiances made in this crazy story from 2002.

Now time has advanced, emotions have faded and you’re all a memory –

nothing more.

I’m my own judge and jury on this and I’d do it all again,

do what none of you could ever do, love my enemy on foreign shores.

I draw my boundaries on my lovers and friends,

you crossed the line, crossed me bad and I dropped you all,

you don’t deserve my friendship nor my company.

Do it again and there’ll be blood upon my pagan sword,

an eye for an eye, all the way…



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