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Kerala Visit

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kerala is peaceful and beautiful 
in all cases and places 
Keralite people are so cheerful 
I can read "welcome" on faces 


The Green Carpet of all guests 
and pure nature to enjoy 
generous people happily smiling 
at any time of any day 


Life in Kerala based on love 
and clear hearts for caring 
I love Kerala more than enough 
I'll come back sure for sharing 

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Moving From One Place to Another (with boxes)

there was an answer
in the way
the trees pass
pressing budding branches
against the silvering
pull of the sky

i think of the silence waiting
in an empty room
the light peeling
like skin as the day fades
spreading shadow and
the smell of dust
along the growing edges
of the carpet

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The Home

New poem! Also, if you want to read more things (maybe less poetry orientated - reviews etc) then go to my blog, here: http://haydenwritesthings.wordpress.com/ 


The Home

He takes actions,
holds them close to his
chest, feeling their weight
resting against his rib cage.

And the glasses come out
upside down, and sometimes
he rubs the inside with his
fingers to see if...

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