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The Void

Hey there lonely girl,

what are you doing wandering around

these dark places?

Don’t you know that 

evil lurks about? 

The void is littered

with those who will use you,

abuse you,

scar your soul for eternity. 

Listen to my pleas,

I’m begging on bended knees,

move forward

towards the light,

no matter how tempting

the mysterious

shadows may be. 


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Mommy Please

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Mommy please don't let me go,
don't let me be your second priority
because, for 14 years you'd left me
before I could see you;
my mother who'd brought me here

Did you not love me?
I dared to ask myself
and was I what you wanted
I dared to think of.

For years I stood here in pain
and you stood so far away
i'd began to wonder if.
If you'll always be
just a thought in my mind
because, y...

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beggingblamelove memommysadwonder

China Town

entry picture

love made in hollywood might badly fall apart

dance around the fairy lamps down in china town

begging god for mercy but she's busy just right now...


just like when i need you tonight
beauty from the east will cool down all the lit up hearts
burn inside the church despite you suffered all your life
searching for the peace deep in caves but not your mind

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