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China Town

entry picture

love made in hollywood might badly fall apart

dance around the fairy lamps down in china town

begging god for mercy but she's busy just right now...


just like when i need you tonight
beauty from the east will cool down all the lit up hearts
burn inside the church despite you suffered all your life
searching for the peace deep in caves but not your mind

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Old Hammer Divine

My anxiety is like an ambush predator.

WHAM! I’m fucked...

...fight back!


It’s fucked.


Would you manage a year in my head?

Would you?

Could you?

Should you?


I think you should...


...if you’re man enough then inbox me.

Into my head you shall go...


A mirror image of my town.

Shame it’s not Be...

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On the Road

Just audio at the moment!

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A town like mine is crap by definition, being full of a certain type of people adding to the crapness.                                                                                                                                                       

What do you think of Oldham?                                                                                           ...

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entry picture

Ambiance broken,

Foreign words spoken,

In the town I sit alone,

Tranquility remains at home.

I can barely distinguish my thoughts,

Between the shouting, laughing,

Blasphemy and snorts.

In the town I search for silence,

In the library a baby is crying,

Is it such a great request,

For silence soothes my brain to rest.

In the town I wish for the countrys...

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