A day to achieve

I wake up to blue skies and a bright sun
My alarm rings, now my day has begun
I turn on the hot shower, the bathroom begins to steam
When I'm done I dry and put on my best dress
I have an important meeting today so I need to impress 
After the usual traffic jam I finally arrive at work
I'm greeted with smiles from familiar faces
I come face to face with my boss as my heartbeat races
Good morning Sir I politely say as he opens the door and leads the way
I sit down as my nerves kick in
I whisper, I can do this as they're ready to begin 
I load the presentation ready to speak
What a way to start the week
A round of applause at the end, I feel relieved 
I knew I could do it if I just believed



◄ New Wounds


Big Sal

Wed 6th Jun 2018 21:20

Sometimes the smallest victories are the grandest in terms of how they make you feel. Relish them every opportunity.?

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