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A day to achieve

I wake up to blue skies and a bright sun
My alarm rings, now my day has begun
I turn on the hot shower, the bathroom begins to steam
When I'm done I dry and put on my best dress
I have an important meeting today so I need to impressĀ 
After the usual traffic jam I finally arrive at work
I'm greeted with smiles from familiar faces
I come face to face with my boss as my heartbeat races
Good m...

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'I want this place run like a brothel,'
Said our boss at his baffling, buzzwordy worst.
'I want this place run like a brothel -
Make sure that the customer always comes first.'

So we ran the place just like a brothel,
With schedules and staffing all carefully drafted;
We ran the place just like a brothel,
And just like a brothel we all got shafted......

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