"Soro Soke" (Battle Cry)

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"Soro Soke" (Battle Cry)


Soro soke!

It is the dawn we have been waiting for,

A dawn where darkness bows to light,

And the wicked at the feet of the righteous.


Soro soke!

We are done with the silence,

We are done with the fake smiles,

We are done with hoping in their dead promises.


Soro soke!

The giants have risen in the form of a youth, 

Taking bold strides through dreaded places,

Taking back our land and her freedom.


Soro soke!

Our voices will be louder than their threats,

Our crowd will march and not fret,

For our faith in eachother will fetch us a better fate.


Soro soke!

Death can stop this cry,

Guns can shoot this might,

Prison houses can hold this overdue wrath.


Soro soke!

It is a chant born in every generation,

It is a chant of freedom,

It is a battle cry that awakens fallen and living heroes.


Soro soke!

A ceaseless prayer on our lips,

But if no one else answers,

We will become our own gods

And heed the cry of the nation.


Note: Soro Soke means speak up.

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Emeka Collins

Mon 19th Oct 2020 06:20

Thank you Tommy Carrol fellow comrade.

Thanks Stephen Atkinson.

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Tommy Carroll

Sun 18th Oct 2020 18:59

Viva Comrade!

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Emeka Collins

Sun 18th Oct 2020 18:16

Keith, I appreciate your kind comment.

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keith jeffries

Sun 18th Oct 2020 14:36


Your poetry improves with each stroke of your pen. This poem would be the envy of many poets as it is the voice of dissent and the cry for action. An excellent piece of work.


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