Hive Mind: Seething Vocal Discord II

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Genocide tolerance,

     Speech vomited from a hate intoxicated by an uninvited intolerance heirloom complex mouth full of razor blades, Every sky is unsheathing acid ghastly haze falling rain down upon our graceless artificially self labelled intelligent inhumane white nameless cross tattooed tongues, Empowered by whisky bottom glass dreams that appear more than obscene, Loved more than the children we smuggle into bed in an adoption curfew set by wounded domestic incel unapologetic violent sex above all seeking! 

      Whatever under god of the All Mother you bare no remote witness in living to... May your diluted chess grudge ransom another generation's never raised hope but in a hand to their face save behind closed rage doors unleashing your parent's taste upon another formation of multiple genes bear witness to her lineage intertwined with the benign fate of private bruised mangled child despite, Never be relived by phantoms of your lonely hate's glory! 

      For the ghosts of your spineless fingers crucify the shelter of a home's love with every broken destitute bone hour spent shatter discolouring the face of the sedentary after hospital genesis settlement sons and daughters implanted with your memory ache liquor fostered tears no karma to god could nurture out of the dark purpose of your dwelling on fire.

In earnest anticipation of,


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