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My tears

entry picture

In silence my tears whisper agonizing words


Tears that have names, faces,

wounds saturated with lies;

the ignored pain of indifference

that becomes ungrateful before my eyes

nullifying what I wish to achieve...


It's not like I crossed this threshold because I wanted to,

it’s the false truth of a world of injustice,

sinking in a mud of mirage,

in indolence…



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a toast to the afterlife

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here’s to the afterlife —

what fate does the day after The Last Day hold?

doubt ,

doubt consumes man’s faith .

down into the depths of the pit

my mind descends ,

down to the caverns ,

the walls closing in .

the light dwindles ,

crushed under the weight of this apparent reality .

hopeless and helpless ,

lonely and tired .

beaten down by the endless sorrow .


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Anxiety, My Companion (a daily struggle)

entry picture







Sometimes I can

rail against it,

sometimes it

conquers me.


Sometimes I hide

it well, other

days the fatigue

of fighting it shows.


Some people



Others say,

"Get over Yourself."

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Dark days

My head and heart feel heavy
My legs restless 
Can't sit still
Can't sleep
Black mascara rivers
Stained cheeks
Chapped skin on my lips
Forced smiles
Inconsolable sobs
Heaving shoulders
Missing you


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entry picture













My brother

called you back

from the edge

of death.


But you were

in so much

pain, and you

had suffered enough.


We said good bye,

My Mother, My Sister,

My Brother and I.


We held each

other and we

did cry.


The day that

you left us.

The day


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lost fathersaddness

The Gate

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By : Ali Taha Alnobani


Yesterday she invited me to see the moon in her garden
The wind tried to prevent me
Although I was sad, I walked under the rain
The gate was full of small doors and small cats were looking at me
Their shining eyes told me the tale of my baby
One night she was looking at the moon,
But a big cat with shining eyes got her dreams broken.

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We Used to Make Love

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Sweet Heart we

used to make love,

now all we

do is fight.


I cry myself

to sleep

many a night.


I'm angry with you,

I think maybe

you're having

an affair.


You're angry with

me, cause you say

emotionally I'm

not there.


I guard my

heart, because


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