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Roots we choose

We support one another
Like roots do trees
Holding one another up
Whenever they should bleed
Our bonds become stronger day by day 
As our anxieties slowly fade away 
Even when people should try to collude 
We won't be pitted against one another 
And should I ever be forced to choose
I would pick those who support me like the roots
Of the trees that stand so tall, as you enable me to

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friendshipRootsstrong friendshipstree

I hate being South African

My hate so filled with love

Because I love my country so much that it hurts

A throbbing

Like drums

Deep in my heart of darkness

And its' roots run through me like water

Iinto the earth reaching every corner of my heritage

My fathers blood stained land

My mothers struggle

And people I love leave me

Their roots severed with blades Of greene...

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hateloverootsSouth Africa

Walkin' Man

entry picture

The Walkin’ Man

For Pete Seeger (May 3rd 1919 – January 27th 2014)

Serendipity Spangle was a walkin’ man -
of that, there is no doubt,
he walked across great continents
and was seen round here about.
With his low slung jeans and guitar,
he had no need for fancy suits,
he just roamed the great blue yonder
in his worn down cowboy boots .

Those who were there at his birth
cross their...

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american folk traditionamericanadustbowlfolkmusicmythologypete seegerprotest singerroots

Of your tree


This apple won't always nestle in your protective root 
and yet, forever it is proud to be, your tree's fruit. 

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What dare I say re: my hometown, Accrington? That it ranks,

with its courts of law, town council, its police – for no thanks -

amongst the best in terms of mindful, selfless management

and governance? Do these protect us? Do they represent

our needs? That we by rote meekly delegate, acquiesce

then let them all shepherd our Stepford lives, without duress

or force, s...

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