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Jam-jar mobile homes

For tiddlers as a kid,

I speculated in vain

Whither went the lid


Sweet student summer

Molten and strawberry

Castor candy foundry

Damson, grape, cherry


Blanched fruit in drums

Pectin sugar and colour,

Without which your jam

Would look much duller


Buff overalls crisply caked

Treacly crystallised hair,

Boss boilers wielding...

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All Hail The Great Sultana

All Hail The Great Sultana


Consider the sultana

The jewel in my porridge

It’s not the kind of fruit

That you can just go out and forage

It started out in life

A bulbous juicy grape

But sat out in the sun too long

And now it’s changed it’s shape


It’s dark, wizened and wrinkled

Like it’s fallen from your nose

And probably looks like your granny

When she’...

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Strange Fruit

Strange Fruit


“what is beautiful?”

asks Eliza

for she thinks

that she is not

because they tell her

she is not


“why are they hurtful?”

as if the outside

somehow sullies

what is inside

and insinuates the sour

to what is sweet


“why do they ridicule?”

the size the shape

the roughness of my skin

the growths

the fact my spine

Is out of...

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Picking Fruit

A field of choices

Rotten cherries scatter us

Piercing white noise breathing

Bow to the mirror

Heart stops, feet sinking

I hope you love loneliness.

Cloud kisses turn into lemons

Miles to go

Sheets that resume the velvet


Never going.

Wheels that turn gold into rust

Frazzled metal pieces

Doors less traveled

Turn off the questions

Faucets drip


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Grapes fresh and ripe

Dark purple, that’s how I like them

Each one I taste individually

They look the same

Pussy is there main thing

Grapes on a vine

Like men

Thirsty but juicy…….but waiting

Enjoying each of them

As they were my new thing

They taste the same

But this last grape, has me waiting

The day of picking was something specia...

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A poem in response to "This is just to say" by William Carlos Williams...

I'm sorry I stole your precious plums
That you found the ice box bare
I haven't bothered to replace them
And there's not one left to spare
I've eaten the apples
The bananas, the grapes
The pears, the peaches too
The oranges and kiwis are consumed
There's simply nothing left for you
The pineappl...

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I quite like raisins, except for the one that got stuck up my nose!

The prompt from our writing group was to write an ode to your favourite fruit, this is my attempt, and it's a true story too...


I quite like raisins

Except for the one that got stuck up my nose

The more I sniffed and snorted

The further up it rose


My mum couldn't ease it out

She just forced it up even higher

She took me to the neighbours

And tried to use some plie...

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Of your tree


This apple won't always nestle in your protective root 
and yet, forever it is proud to be, your tree's fruit. 

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