A Ghastly Evening

All the ghosts have gone to bed,

We say goodbye to our honored dead,

To the horizon they are lead,

As we contemplate what they said.


The veil was deftly traveled,

Guided by voices, acting like scaffold,

Loved ones called to be dazzeled,

As the world of the living becomes unraveled.


Not just love ones cross that veil,

Evil comes without fail,

Sprinitng across like escaping jail,

To enter homes where wards are frail.


They bring malice as hot as flame,

And prey upon the spiritually lame,

In hope to finally lay claim,

To a host they wish to tame.


Other spirits wish to carouse,

Perhaps violate their sacred vows,

And then begin to espouse,

The finer points of wheat and cows.


My wife, she asked for a meeting,

With family whose time was fleeting,

In hopes of a friendly greating,

Before her heart too stops beating.


I succumbed to my sinking fear,

As the moon began to leer,

Upon a man whom cannot steer

His anxiety aware from drear.


I fear the future and experiences new,

I make up scenarios like witches brew,

I believe my bullshit like it is true,

And let my problems sit and stew.


So to all those spirits that I missed,

Some of which I know are pissed,

Know I love you, you get the gist,

I will start being better, I will persist. 



Joyous Samhain to you all. Thank you for reading, thank you for the comments, and thank you for the support. 





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