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November 2018 Collage Poem: Cheshire Housewives

entry picture


Cheshire housewife buys her Hereafter Insurance,

Works hard for nativity with port and gin

Our truth is, success means excess.


Then lies were common in family life

Waiting, hiding, broken, when when true

As your eyes sparkle through Mona Lisa smiles

And lies of untruth spoken words


Housewife with her gin

And tonic gives Santa a good



Heavy Mon...

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Cheshire HousewivesCollageCollage PoemNovemberStockport WoL

November 2017 Collage Poem: Frozen

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Gossip is simmering internal fathoms deep

So crazy for you I’m petrified by love


Witches watch the children cry,

As the jazz man freezes at what is here,


The Tesco Ghost floats like a butterfly

But gets stung by a speeding lorry


Freezing weapons like bullets

Then swallows wanting to come home


Crazy one-upmanship,

Leaves no more to be said

Frozen in...

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Novemberstockport collage poem


Each November we are reminded, watching poppies fall...

Each represents a life surrendered answering duty's call.

And later, in the weeks that follow, when snowflakes fill the sky,

The mind is filled with thoughts of those whose lives had soon passed by.

Each fleeting flake a forfeited future deprived of its true worth -

And like the poppies - sent to fall and fade back in the earth...

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November II - Collage Poem Created by Stockport WoL

entry picture
Bonfire fire implodes at the expense
Of a failed assassination attempt
Blowing piles of ashes
Signalling contempt
Green woodpeckers find green man in French tree
Green skies lying across blue hills
Luscious, swaying, sighing trees
Movement trickles, follows downward –
Movements of sound, eddying round and round
The plumed bride waves h...

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NovemberStockport WOL

November - Collage Poem Created by Stockport WOL

entry picture
Rattle, smack, tramp, clatter, splinter,
Swoosh, splat, bang, crack, glass shatters,
Safety will come if you take precautions
Sleep will come, sleep will come
Sweet music curling into air,
Floating, staying up there
The wanderer came across the winter seas
Dreams of leaving in his wanton eyes
Sun, sea, sand and sex
Whether I like...

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one cold & wet november day

One cold and wet November day
I want to hear you shout and scream
to tell me clear and loud
to go away, to go away, to go away
to leave and go away
to leave and go away
Instead you said
please don't go
please stay, don't go away
Instead you told me not to go
please don't go, don't go away
please stay, please stay, please stay

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November (Golden fallen)

entry picture

And so as nothing leads to nothing

and your weary eyes

leaves turn golden then they fall

grasping for the past


An old tramp in the corner

monument of life

you used to own the whole world too

benches for thrones, friends to trust


All is gone yet you still live

bursting with sweet love


Love of golden fallen leaves

- that is what you've...

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