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November 2018 Collage Poem: Cheshire Housewives

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Cheshire housewife buys her Hereafter Insurance,

Works hard for nativity with port and gin

Our truth is, success means excess.


Then lies were common in family life

Waiting, hiding, broken, when when true

As your eyes sparkle through Mona Lisa smiles

And lies of untruth spoken words


Housewife with her gin

And tonic gives Santa a good



Heavy Mon...

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Cheshire HousewivesCollageCollage PoemNovemberStockport WoL

May Collage Poem - Surprised by Joy

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Good food side by side,

Poems two by two,

Just walk, walk my friend to the Joy,

From the darkness, walk now to your summer.


Hera disbelieving Zeus kicks

Him between the legs. He smiles

Surprised by joy


And my lover said to me

Walk to the door of joy

And well come me


Revisiting revenge underneath pie trucks

Like a rampant ground hog day

Funny and r...

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April Collage Poem: Threads

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Thread-bear walks away, brave and curious

Travelling down a road

Knowing nothing about time and space


Happiness of the hangman, as

the Death Row fly is executed.


Silken threads, falling heart strings


There is death in crowns and crones, in the tender air

We are always cutting threads - or weaving them.


I slipped on folded paper that has more than pa...

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April 2018bearscollageStockport WOLThreads

February 2018 Collage Poem - Running with the Wild Wind

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Various forms, jump into sestinas

with withering winds and eager ancestors

A room with no windows shakes and rattles

It holds inside a madman singing of

Man's Fall.


From man back to monkey

With a wave of Mr Wizard's Wand

That cruel hateful yellow star

Kissing chaos: my man is not ill

Tasting the salt, feeling the bullets


He disappointed his ancestors,

as ...

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collagefebruaryStockport write out loudwild wind

August 2017 Collage Poem – Obscene

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Dave left to stab an unwary autistic


The loneliness of sand.


The man with the photo left

Leaving small details which invoke a hidden world.




Freeing slaves from hidden bondage

Pandora had a lot to answer for


Sand in my toes

Sand in my boots sinking in rotten socks

Memories of Mumbai with my daughter,

Waiting for the monsoon



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collageStockport WOL

March 2017 Collage Poem - Internationalism

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Blue enchantment, starlight pallette

Nazi visions of underworld clowns

An evening of art, newborns, and profanity

The clown is still king.


The bubbling, squeaking sound rising

Shaking in a frantic situation

Blood swept under a script

I saw the fox and he saw me


Creatives of the underworld

Bleed out onto the page, voice rage

We sit in a kaleidoscopic wom...

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February 2017 Collage Poem: Mythology

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Lost in transition

Your words carried like a brief encounter

Emotion is the monster hiding outside the walls


Gangreen in suburbia and skinned alive

With donkey ears! Good Gods!


Occupations occupy stations on the wall

Barrymore paints the myths of time

To hang in Manchester as a quiet man

Tells of lost love.


Sonnets to art leave us lost


There's rumo...

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CollageFebruaryMythologyStockport Art Gallery

Jazz - September Collage Poem

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Breeze of loss blows

an Autumn anomaly


To those who don't like jazz

please have a change of heart


Piercing my eyes like sharpened glass

a salty boy stands in dark shadows


It's like watching paint dry

I am ready to like jazz


Let's ask Matt and Phred - Is jazz dead?

The paintings cost more than you think


Ready to open another door

like s...

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collageJazzStockport write out loud

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