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Mid January

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No one else can judge me

Only God who reads hearts

People have abused me

When I reach fake of the facts


If you believe you're the master

And you can judge and lead

Surely you lose the only factor

That keeps you faithful indeed


Leave me alone fair and simple

I have to forget tens of lies

You should break your false temple

Wake up please .. open your e...

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Not The Same

So much pain I try to keep it tamed 
We grew up different we not the same
The shit u do is fine the shit I do draw the line
Yo family there when u fall 
My family flat out don’t care 
U had everything 
I had to jugg everything 
I guess sometimes life ain’t fair 
It’s more to me then a ugky face with long hair 
Always been small but ion have fear 
Some nights I couldn’t sleep 
Many night...

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