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Mid January

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No one else can judge me

Only God who reads hearts

People have abused me

When I reach fake of the facts


If you believe you're the master

And you can judge and lead

Surely you lose the only factor

That keeps you faithful indeed


Leave me alone fair and simple

I have to forget tens of lies

You should break your false temple

Wake up please .. open your e...

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Cliff Hanging

I feel my mind slipping, 

almost dangling from a cliff. 


Obsession and love are different, 

Yet similar with a twist. 


You left me in the cold, 

And so I left you behind. 

Although it breaks my heart 

this is my time to shine.


To fend for myself, 

That was the first lesson, 

A scared little girl,

With no direction. 


Which way do I turn? 


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Wax-Covered Communication

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I tried to save you from the world,
but I was too slow.
I tried to put up walls for you.
In places you didn't even know.
But now I'm sitting by myself,
while you're out there on your own.
Wax-covered communication.
On the telephone.


I tried to save the world from you.
The light says to go.
I hope you crash into the wall,
that I built to help you grow.
I am surrounded by my boys.

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