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The moon is here
an I got nothing
my heart is missing
though I keep on
wishing on a star
I'm drifting
left to right in and out
the sound comes low
a broken moan
hollow bones
don't trees grow
upside down
can't dig myself out
I can't feel
and even if I could
not sure I should
I don't deserve
it still hurts
the distance is lost
don't think
it rocks.


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My Muse

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The chaos in my mind
is killing me,
my life, a bad trip
on LSD
a rush to the brain,
serotonin, dopamine
all at once shining
blue light
a mind so open,
a heart so full,
such peace,
the sweetest sleep.

Memories are mirages,
I cannot reach.

A sinking feeling,
a dread inside around I go,
again and again,
down the rabbit hole,
just once more,
one last time
looking for a ...

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Poem in Progress B (explicit)

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I see the star I do not run 
I fall apart I come undone
I live for it 
the rain the burn 
the everlasting storm 
a rush a drug 
a hurricane of pure 
fucking love.

I never met a siren 
didn't drag me out to the deep 
I drowned a few times 
came back whole complete 
from under the sea 
now I tie a rope to the lighthouse 
and swim when I please 
when I get the need 
I dig my grave 

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