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Lisa C Bassignani on Third Eye Blind (Wed, 7 Aug 2019 09:30 pm)

Third Eye Blind

Mind spinning faster than a cyclone.
Do this, do that ad infinitum.

Worry about things beyond my control
until the scowl line blinds my third eye.

Waste life surfing the net, 
following every link that promises to take me higher, 
faster, farther than the languid loop of my existence.

Why does it never seem enough?

I long to escape the stoic-ease,
walk hand-in-hand among redwood t...

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My Entity

Wherever I go,
there you are.

I see you
in stormy skies. 

I feel you
in twilight. 

I smell you 
among the pines.

I hear you 
whispering at night. 

I taste you  
in the words of every love poem. 

You are nowhere to be found,
yet always around.

My entity,
you are the part of me I long to set free.

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Good for You

entry picture

Good for you,
    found your flow.
Good for you,
    got that healthy glow.
Good for you,
    navigating storms like a willow.
Good for you,
    used your pain as fuel to grow.
Good for you,
    no more living on tiptoe.
Good for you,
    no longer afraid of the scarecrow.
Good for you,
    escaped the tornado.
Good for you,
    found your rainbow.
Good for you,
    taking time to...

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Forgive me, for not 
being the mother 
you needed me to be.

For being too busy,
too naive to see 
what was happening 
in front of me.

For being silent
when your father 
screamed and demeaned.

For when I thought it
was sweet that your 
boyfriend carried you
to your room when you 
"fell asleep".

For not enough hugs
and too many lectures.

For not seeing the signs
of addict...

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addictionconnectiondaughterfaithfamilyforgivenesshealinghellhero's journeyloverecoveryrelationships


You neglected me, 

didn’t protect me, 

abandoned me,

chose an abusive man 

over your children... 

I forgive you. 

I give you the

unconditional affection

never afforded me,

because I love you 

despite everything 

and I don’t want 

the past having 

power over me.




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abusechildhoodfatherforgivenessmotherrelationshipsunconditional love

Twisted Love

entry picture

Love once bloomed 
like a fragrant flower
in eternal spring.

Through years of 
torrential summer tears, 
then droughts,

the scent faded.

All that seemingly remains
are scorched petals that drop 
like dead leaves in fall.

But, far beneath 
the frozen surface, 
intertwined roots run deep...

Making our twisted love 
hardy, to weather the 
toughest seasons.


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Poetry Understands

entry picture

Poetry understands
walking dead,
monsters under the bed,
voices in your head.

Poetry understands
wounded souls,
storms, walls, 
severed rainbows.

Poetry understands
broken hearts,
rainy days, lonely nights,
moon light.

Poetry understands
star-crossed love,
hopeless romances,
second chances.

Poetry understands
twin flames
guilt, shame,
the blame game.

Poetry understand...

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Wild Life

entry picture

Life is too full of people 
willing to share their soul 
to focus on those who
aren’t open to your light. 

You were meant to soar with eagles,
not wallow with nocturnal wildlife. 

While they may be beautiful, 
mysterious, alluring, 
they thrive in darkness, 
a place you escaped long ago. 

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When I was 7 years old, I went with my mother to visit her friend. I heard a dog bark when we knocked on the door. I love doggies! "Where's your doggie?" I asked. "I put him out back. He's an old police dog and isn't used to kids." 

"Stay away from him," my mother warned. 

Despite her warning, I went in search of the doggie and found him chained to a stake in the ground, head down, dark eyes...

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dangerdistancedogshuglife lessonsloverelationshipsshepherd

The Writer's Plight

entry picture

For some, the writer's plight may be staring at a blank page, fear of rejection, or resistance presented in various forms. For me, the writer's plight is being available morning, noon, and night to welcome a steady stream of pop-in visitors with expectations of providing conversation, cooking, cleaning, even childcare for hours on end.

With a Mona Lisa smile, I weigh the importance of what my d...

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Fool me once 
shame on you.

Fool me twice 
shame on me.

Fools forever 
chasing love 
and destiny. 

Think it through
before you give up 
for a moment 
in the sun 
on the sinking ship
of fools. 



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Love Lessons

He loves her but, 
she loves him,
but he loves the mirror 
like his lost love loves selfies.

Adoration, pointing every direction, 
like weather vanes in a hurricane.

Each unware their 
love affair 
is bound to end. 

Love lessons often repeat 
until we understand that 
real love begins within, 
then overflows to others, 

making the circle of love 



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Gilded Cage

Time after time 
I give you another chance
to prove you still care.

You respond with 
the venomous bite
of a rattlesnake.

How much more 
poison can I take

before I am consumed 
by the same dark spirit
that possesses you?

I know I should run
far away

but I have convinced myself
of the old cliche...

better the devil you know 
than the devil you don't.

I know what to ex...

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Stupid Cupid

entry picture

I see you lurking about
making him say 
sweet nothings
to lure me out.

This time 
I am being smart,
walling off 
my broken heart.

Using your 
flaming arrows
to paint the sky.

Let the world know
you are really 
not a nice guy.

You are a trickster
who makes girls cry
with your stupid lies.

My schooled soul 
knows the truth

Romantic love
is an illusion,

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cupidheartbreakkindnesslovelove poemspassionpatiencerelationshipsromanceValentine's Day


He ghosted me,

then I ghosted too.

Maybe ghosting 

spreads like the flu.

Leaves the ghosted

feeling sick and blue

when a loved one 

suddenly starts ignoring you. 

You haven't a clue 

what to do. 

So, you stay in bed, 

with the covers over your head

wishing you were dead

so you can get some relief 

from the ghosting disease.

Eventually, you get up


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forgivenessghostingrelationshipssilenceunrequited love

The Enlightenment

We walk a 
fine line in 
our relationship
with others.

Words, powerful 
as they are,
miss the idiosyncrasies 
of body language 
that convey sincerity 
and good intention.

On the road 
to enlightenment,
our muse sometimes 
knicks old wounds 
that the ego 
rushes to protect. 

Our responsibility 
with freedom 
of expression,

to speak our truth 
knowing some will ...

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artistic freedomenlightenmentfreedom of expressionlifelovemanmusepoetryrelationshipssoulwordswounds

Yin-Yang Love

He loves me?
He loves me not?

Questions I have 
asked myself a lot 
since the day 
I said I do. 

Yes, he has a 
wandering eye,
avoids intimacy
like I am 
the blessed
Mother Mary.

Yes, he has a 
hair-trigger temper, 
can top Pinocho 
with his lies.

Our love is 
but I no longer
question why.

After four decades 
in the trenches,
I have learned 
to focu...

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datingenergylifelovemarriagepassionrelationshipsself-healingstrengthtruthyin and yang

I'm Sorry

Why say I'm sorry
for something in which
you had no part?

Because, shallow as those 
two words may seem...

the gesture plays 
a pivotal role in 
healing a broken heart. 

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The Bleeding Edge

The razor thin space between 
stimuli and response 
is decision. 

I decided to put a  
romcom relationship
where love never ends
and be, just friends. 

It was a defining decision.

He decided that without 
certain stimuli, there would be 
no response, just an end.

Tempting as it is to give in
to conditioned responses,
I'm riding the razor's edge
into a new frontier...

A pla...

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I know you don't 
want to think of me.

I don't want to 
think of you either.

But the more I resist, 
the more your ghost 

It makes no sense.

Hardly a day goes

by that you don’t  
cross my mind.

Some days 
it infuriates me
that someone who 
pushed me over the cliff 

of obscurity

has a choke hold 
on my soul.

Other days 
I accept
what I cannot 

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