Blues Cafe

Let’s slip away

to the Blues Cafe, 

that secret place, 

in the smoky dive, 

of your mind, 

where steel strings 

scratch your spine 

like manicured fingernails,

after midnight. 



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Nicola Beckett

Sat 5th Sep 2020 05:39

The blues, I get them too when we fill our lives with random sex and drugs and rock and roll, is this love or just and excuse for not being alone, I will always hold you through your darkness, even if I'm not with you, I hold your hand, I stroke your forehead, I set you free from your chains, I send spells out into the ether to protect you from war and mayhem xxxx blessed be

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John Marks

Mon 3rd Aug 2020 22:50

Yes You hit the right note Cathy - the physicality of music, rocks you, the spirituality of music, rocks you. Classical, Jazz, Rock, Country, Indie, Folk. All genres and styles.

Charlie Mingus, jazz composer and bassist, said: "Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple — that's creativity."

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Tue 28th Jul 2020 15:49

Thanks Po! Your support means a lot to me and our WOL family. That line was the closest PG my muse could get to describing how music, especially the blues, makes me feel. It’s other worldly. I’m stoked to be experiencing it in this space and time. Life is sublime. Music and poetry are the greatest high!

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