Trigger Warming


Summer triggers memories

of paddling and orange Quosh,

butties squashed in paper, waxy white,

and leather sandals at the lido

just in case of broken glass.


We plough backwards to the past,

furrows made of glory.

It's a double-edged sword

but we have these golden memories

of life-affirming Thermos flasks

and Sunday baths and safety.


Summer triggers memories                                                                                  

not always of the bullies

or the sickening September smell

of friendless days and desolation,

waiting for the end of term

to come around again


but contentment in a tartan clasp,

seeing the connections made

on mizzled glass;

one sugar for the coffee,

one extra for the flask.

We plough backwards to the past

and trigger warming.

◄ Mrs May's Farmyard (to the tune of Old McDonald)

True Colours (with apologies to Cyndi) ►


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Frances Macaulay Forde

Fri 14th Jul 2017 04:12

I certainly enjoy the warmth of your word-collaboration. 😃

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suki spangles

Thu 13th Jul 2017 17:21

Hi Laura,

Hope you're well.

Nice collaborative poem, then!

This would also work well as a song - quite lyrical..


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Laura Taylor

Thu 13th Jul 2017 15:13

I know what you mean Robert, but I decided a few years ago to look for some good stuff back there. I knew there must be SOMETHING, that it couldn't be all bad. And I wrote two very lovely poems at the time, which kind of helped to heal myself a bit more. One of them is a staple in my set now.

Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. I would recommend finding your own golden moments, and writing about them too.

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Robert Mann

Thu 13th Jul 2017 14:12

Laura - I don't recall a lot of my childhood (on purpose), but I can certainly share some of the sentiments of this piece. It will be interesting to see what my own kids recall in twenty to thirty years time, but our generation will find this poem's warmth very comforting. Thank you for the journey backward.

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Laura Taylor

Thu 13th Jul 2017 10:33

Thanks very much Ray and David 😃

Ray - I have yours too, and plan to read it next week when I'm off work 😃 Glad you are enjoying mine.

David - awwr. Yeh, I love it for its gentleness, just like my fella 😃

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Wolfgar Miere

Wed 12th Jul 2017 22:25

Its strange to me that our fondest and often most vivid memories can make us happy and sad simultaneously, like the double-edged sword you speak of.

Its a lovely gently poem Laura, and if I dwell on it too much it might just make me shed a tear.

Lovely stuff,


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Wed 12th Jul 2017 21:31

I'm gonna say it's bloody marvellous Laura! It just keeps riding over broken glass and feels like velvet to the mind. I love mizzled glass especially, and the tartan clasp is a poem in itself.
Loving your book by the way! Ray

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Laura Taylor

Wed 12th Jul 2017 13:24

Me and my fella often help each other out with a word or a melody here and there in our poems and songs, but this poem contains more than a word by him, so I'm gonna say that it's a collaborative poem.

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