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Unsolicited (1968 - 2012) - on Youtube

Here's a film of my performance of 'Unsolicited (1968 - 2012)' recorded at the Cadence Cafe, for Performance! (run by the lovely Jeffarama)



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I used to call him Grandad

Thanks for taking the time to read and comment folks, appreciate it :)

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Rossini’s wing’d bishop

frames a tainted aria;

chatters catechism crime.


Mantic song of right and wrong

starts with one for sorrow - sing!

Transgressor of commandments.


Kills the sixth for golden eggs;

breaks the eighth for heaven;

silver spoon for joyous bliss.


pica pica passerine

I defy thee seven times

cannot sing a s...

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Brand New Lexicon


They’re making up a lexicon

designed for you and me

Previously ‘unemployed’

now we’re branded ‘workless’

Poverty has been renamed

and all the blame is ours

The poor must pay for all the sins

of sons of tax-evaders

There’s a brand new lexicon


Workless worthless shiftless shirkers

Don’t you know it’s all your fault?

Don’t you know redundancy


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Never mine at first

Teenage purse wouldn’t stretch

to antique pine,

to posts

Your predecessor,


lay low;  

squat stained

stripey lumpen



First embrace in ‘88

Behind you lived a history

of needledrop and resin

I wondered if you’d ever

fruited cones

Lovers lain,

hes and shes

Dreams conceived,


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On Not Wearing Purple


Sod wearing purple

I’m gonna fake dementia

Sup single malt in Tesco aisles

and Jose Cuervo Gold                       

Steal Thornton’s biggest fuckoff box

of truffles,  milk and dark

Then stuff my face with Krispy Kremes

Leave fingermarks on magazines

I’ll ride the roads in off-peak times

Rob Asdas far and wide

A North West quest to shoplift shite


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Who Can Own Mountains?



Benny and Jimmy and four hundred more

took to the hills for their freedom to walk

A working class pastime; a Socialist march

A right to roam Kinder for rambling men


No gamekeeper, landlord, Duke or police

could stop the mass trespass up there on the Peak

A breach of the peace; incitement to what?

‘Unlawful Assembly’ up on the Scout


The gam...

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No Pansies (for Charlotte)



In a world full of clumsy-coloured periscopic petals,

we floated macaroons inside             

a covered                    




She drank her bubbled wine through a flock of flower stems,

drew spoofs of Dodgson’s arty facts            

on spines of





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Prism in Shade


(Edited version, with fancypants new title courtesy of Richie)


Love without risk…

is a kiss with cold lips,           

a smile without light,

a whistle in wind,

to be tumbled away;

is a bare bed of dust,

a berryless bramble,

no flowers or sweetness,

or prickles on skin


...is a prism in shade;

a door open wide on a room

where all ...

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Now available in Issue 23 of Sprout Online Magazine



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Tickling Fish



Once upon a time in Alongalongalo

I was taught to tickle fish by an old Eskimo

I will tell the trick to you, if you howl “Bomballoo!”

all the way to Timbuktu, in reverse


To tickle Koi one must learn to speak in Mayonnaise

Goldfish should be chundered to in Carrotalian

Skate enjoy a skithering along their spineytines

Whereas Tuna like their tozies ch...

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nonsense comp

Truth or Dare




one lie

sparks ire                                

tinder lit                                 

faith combusts                        



one truth

spreads wide

ripples out, wriggling

buffers ragged edges


throw a stone

truth or dare

skim it out

skipping sham

burns upon the palm

if you


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The Jester



he wears a jester’s apparel

in rainbow stripes and bells

tells you not to listen to the voices in your head


he’s in the corner now

with his thumb up in the air

a rictus grin upon his face, faking laissez faire


the little clown, see how he whirls

his words around his baton

displaying his inanity while spitting titty venom



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Shopping List Edit - Part 2

(NB: the dumbarse formatting doesn't show unless you click on it to read it)






chocolate orange




lentils, red and green



olive oil


mushy peas  

cous cous


jasmine rice




carrot cake

veggie country pie



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Prose Upon The River


River Estate Retrospective


perfect pattern paving built for hopscotch

roads wide as the dirty River Mersey     

side to street a hundred feet

plenty space for kerby

plenty more for ollies green smashed to glass

and smithereens by Kevin Roberts dobber

in the gutter


twenty pair maternal eyes gazing from the glazing

behind the nets nothing goes...

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Ode to a Dictionary

Thanks so much for comments :) x

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Leaving Home

thanks for taking the time to read and comment chaps x

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Somewhere out there in the


Raymond M

Entreated verse

Naming him and faming him and

Duffy isn’t here, so

I thought that I could try, but

Post a rhyme that breaks his rules

Insert a line break here and there, finish them with ‘so’ and ‘and’, then make them long and short

This will teach him to desire shallow eminence from fish!

Yes Ray, no...

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serendipity WOL comp

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