Poetry Blog by Laura Taylor (2010)

Anniversary Haiku

This is my first experiment with haiku - it was a bit clumsy so thanks to Winston for his comment :)



Her scars are itching

The anniversary looms

No celebration



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Shopping List Edit

entry picture

6 x cans Diet Coke

4 x pots Peach Danone

6 x cans Zero Lilt


(don’t forget to top up phone)


2 x bags Beef Lite Bites

Half Fat Chips

Sugar free Polo mints

Fun size Twix


Low cal olive spread

Seedy/nutty brown bread

2 x tins fat free beans


(buy those skinny size 10 jeans)



Garlic bread tear n share

Meaty feast pi...

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Called you babe by accident

entry picture

How is this new?

Did I not know?

Was it not there?

Has it just grown?

Did I know you less?

I know you more now

My sweet brown-eyed boy

won’t you come and lie down

in these warm and wet sheets?

My magical boy

Give me my freedom

my body for joy

No need for money

my spirit is full

The bees have made honey

in the wild lion’s skull



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Biting the Bullet

In biting the bullet


I missed

shot myself in the head instead.

Now down


on the ground.

Fucking bullet

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She's Mine Tonight

I'm smoking.  My mind begins to sharpen.  Everyday thoughts start falling away.

And the spotlight shines on her


               Thrown onto my secret stage

               To smile at me and dance


warm beginnings...my skin draws tighter...


the visions mesh and mingle, liberating memory, elevating cells, reanimating THAT night...living it again...



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