Tai Chi


Tai Chi

he said,

convinced of the wisdom by a pretty girl in uniform.


I can do it in my chair

he said,

oblivious to all the times I'd made the same suggestion.


I've never done Tai Chi

he said.

They do it in the village hall, it doesn't cost a lot.


I can even go alone

he said.

I won't need chaperoning, there'll be loads of people there.


I wonder what it's like

he said.

We tried to do the moves, laughing in a quiet ward.


I hope I don't fart

he said,

they'll ban me from the class. We tittered, like we always did.


I'll see you when you're home

he said.

Have a good weekend

he said.

I'll see you when I'm back

I said.

Instead I got a phone call and a 6am knock.


Peaceful in his sleep

they said,

a smile upon his face.


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Hannah Collins

Sun 8th Oct 2017 21:08

When I read it I thought it might be about your father. Poignant, lovely.

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Laura Taylor

Mon 25th Sep 2017 12:18

Thanks Stu and Karen.

Stu - you disgust me 😛

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Karen Ankers

Sat 23rd Sep 2017 13:24

Fantastic poem.

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Stu Buck

Thu 21st Sep 2017 17:33

ah laura, a tug at the heart strings and away we go. sad and happy, serious and funny. what more could we want.

possibly chutney

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Laura Taylor

Thu 21st Sep 2017 10:18

Thanks very much everyone. I'm glad people like it.

Raj - it's about my Dad. There was nothing funnier to him than farting or fart jokes, it would crease him up laughing every time, and of course he was at that age where it would often just happen accidentally 😃

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Raj Ferds

Thu 21st Sep 2017 07:00

I bet that smile upon his face was him dreaming there was a black belt for Tai Chi -- and he was just awarded one.
What a way to go!!

There's more than sweet conversation here.
I see an enduring friendship, stunning in its simplicity.

Nice one Laura.

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Martin Elder

Wed 20th Sep 2017 22:17

this is a beautiful piece Laura all based around a wonderfully simple conversation between you and him.
Nice one

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Wed 20th Sep 2017 21:20

Wonderfully simple and simply wonderful Laura. Not a great advert for Tai Chi, but the power of hope is in there.
So impressed by thy grasp of the medium!


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Laura Taylor

Wed 20th Sep 2017 16:44

Ha, I bet he did as well!

Thanks Graham.

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Graham Sherwood

Wed 20th Sep 2017 14:15

Now he's left you wondering if he farted just before departing.
A delicately placed conversational piece, nicely written Laura.

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