This began with whispered words,

bites from shiny apples;


a desire to command, create;

a hunger to articulate intensity,

to mechanise a melody inside.


This commenced with prephonation;

tutoring of simple lips,

tentatively glossolalic.

Patterns forming,

disconnected information circling itself,

pulling at phonetic cords of morphemes


and spitting out bubbles just for fun, in between.


I did not suck my thumb.

I used hydraulic energy

and learned to work the motors of the muscles

in my head; masticating syllables,

exorcising scribbles made of air and formless urges;

engineering frenulous activity


and spitting out bubbles just for fun, in between.


This began and will not end until the breath begins to fade,

'til incantation drains away and starts to dig itself a grave,

knowing that it's naked and emaciating daily;

'til my tongue begins to wilt,

and the bricks I used to build myself

a living wall of symbols

fall apart, decay and die,

then disappear;


until I do not spit out bubbles just for fun, anymore.



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Laura Taylor

Mon 9th Aug 2021 15:54

Thanks very much Marsha, I'm really interested in how and why we learn to speak, and the processes involved in that. Add a little poetic licence, and here we are.

Very perceptive of you, your last comment 😃


Sun 8th Aug 2021 23:14

Einstein said

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution."

I think somewhere in the midst of this poem is the very essence of that statement.

The closing of the poem is defiance incorporated, the line;

'til incantation drains away and starts to dig itself a grave

to me is magnificent, that even in the process of our demise we play an active part until the lights finally extinguish..and even then it really isn't quite over.

So much to like here, imparted in a tone which suggests a poet who has matured via a vigorous process of lived experience.

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Laura Taylor

Wed 4th Aug 2021 12:53

Why thank you Stephen

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Stephen Gospage

Wed 4th Aug 2021 09:01

A really fine piece, Laura.

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