What we face

What we face


A tangled web of attraction and addiction

draws us to an epicentre of confusion and distraction

Repulsed by hatred, ignorance and prejudice

we walk on broken glass in the place where pigs lay

Lured by compulsive desire and rampant lust

we are thrown off course in a haze of dust

Cheated by lies and the voices of eternal deceit

clarity of thought becomes a d...

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A Solution

A Solution


A trickle of faltering smoke wound its way upward

many were left standing bereft

As the families of who were left

became as a column of smoke toward the sky


Harsh voices broke their numbed silence

a ragged group soon assembled

Mentally and spiritually disabled

there had been no time to even say farewell


A small orchestra on a worn lawn

began ...

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Integrity,Where is your sting?

Integrity, Where is your Sting?


Philanthropists beware wolves come in sheeps clothing

Poets speak out with your mighty voices against deceit

The Masters of self aggrandisement have arrived

Party and personal fortunes their  ´raison d´etre 

These ferrets curry our favour and give pretence a new meaning

Their placard has two sides, each with a face

For these unscrupulous so...

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They gave their all

They gave their all


A solitary autumnal leaf of reddish brown

As if a visitor from the past

Fluttered along the street lined with a silent throng

Propelled by the morning wind 

It gradually settled on the steps of the War Memorial

A heavy scent of used gunpowder

Still pervaded the village from a night of bonfires

We stood silently and somberly before many names


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The Front

The Front


Faces ripped off

intestines disgorged

Lice and rats eat

the entrails of heroes

Helmets with bullet holes

filled with cerebral refuse

Frozen joints, numbed fingers

burnt out dog ends

Squelching mud

foot rot to boot

Incessant explosions

mountains of fresh corpses

Humanity debased

for flags and monarchs

What a fucking hell

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