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I am that pain you hide that fact that resides in the river of your thoughts

That sly feeling you get when you throw on that coat ready look in the mirror and smirk

The same embodiment when you look at that girl and she lifts up that skirt 

Or when you see that one guy who has been eyeing you ordering that same drink slipping his desire into it when you turn your head

Have you forgotten that when you cover your head and turn around to laugh with your friends im rear my ugly head 

I show my true colors and these dont come on a rainbow im not on your kids favorite ceral 

I dont dance with the stars on your favorite channel sorry i only tango in your nightmares and step my way to reality 

The echo when you scream the collection of voices in your head telling you its a bad idea when you think your done 

I bet you thought when friends giggle and luagh i dont creep but thats my favorite sneak

I dip dodge warnings and red flags make your trust my friend so i can do as i please and she doesnt say a peak

Innocence you make me laugh only not guilty are those just brought in to this hell on earth 

Pills you pop drink you take drugs you use sex you have 

The pain you heard and saw and felt 

That shot below the belt 

Buried deep rooting in your mind 

Taking my time 

Smoother then that well aged wine

I know im bliss but im subtle

Refuse me and you'll see me again Forgive me and i wont stop

Not until your guilt pops

Let me be that ungraded lesson

That hidden blessing in wolves clothing

Take these fangs and short term pain

And youll grow into something more beautiful 

Then perfection

Beauty is your name

low pointrise from the ashesnew leveldestruction then peace

◄ Morningstar

I hate you ►


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