Hate You

Bet you think I hate you like the moon hates the sun

But how can I hate you? Unless you feel like you earned it love 

I cant get time back but i can go take a watch back

I cant get love back but i can free myself from your trap

Lonely isnt bad

A tree can grow into a forest, or does it die alone and lay there and dwiddle 

If you hate me im fine like wine ill always get better with time

Pain isnt that bad cause life itself is temporary 

I hate you and there is nothing holding me to you but a chain of sorrow

I want to see the good in you but my eye sight is narrow like in the winter time and the cold breeze cuts your eyes

You cry instinctivley to protect your eyes 

And when you feel summers warm kiss the smack of the suns lips you smile 

Trigonometery teaches shapes, well a heart is a shape and if i try to come at it with this angle its bound to break

My talents were yours as you see that light 

I hope you run into it and its a train waiting for you instead of heavens light

Upset no hurt no but disappointment in character yes and guess what it shows

It shows your true colors and they are bleak and disturbing 

Like a little crack in your door and a red light begans to glow it hums as if its a lullaby but you already know

Dont call dont text your phone wont glow 

Your legs weaken and your fear begins to grow 

Hard to swallow yes 

Feel some pain in your chest

Clutch your fist like your a childrens show 

Hide under your covers are you five?

The beat from the light comes closer

You slam the door shut now you cut off closure,

Or you thought, the hunt isnt over until its blood lust is over cause its blood drunk

Paper cuts all over running through the ocean

Broken bones with a mountain to get over you cant tell me life can be this hard

You cant tell me we really this scarred

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