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Hole in the ground

I was walking and i fell in a hole in the ground

Its not like i wasnt paying attention

I was aware of every sight touch and sound 

Panicking i could or yelling is a option

But i rather sit here and think how did i get here

Ive ran into the headlights of life while watching deer

Is the world still moving is time still ticking 

Am i being to unattentive because i fell in this hole

But i watched my step how did i get in this ditching 

The world is now silent i think its night time

My leg is bleeding now and my arms are itching

Im not dieng however i dont want to wast my time

Oh great its raining who sent this storm upon me

What timing well could be worse cood be thunder

Boom! there we go well at least i got my umbrella

Oh i forgot to mention was walking with a full pack 

Like it was meant to be to get stuck today 

Im tired of listening to reason lets just do it cause we can

And tell the world that you cant 

Limit me seduce me with your lovely lies 

In those deep brown eyes who know no shame 

But let me use this rope i brought and crawl up and go home 

Who wants to be stuck in a hole in the ground anyway?

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