Get it back

it takes time to realize watches only tick with every step you take 

And earthquakes only last as long as reality refuses to shake

I can sit her and talk about calmities and pretend like they help shape my world 

the only thing that shakes my inner makings and make all of my pieces stick together is that sticky thing love

It has me feeling invincible to harm and invisible to the negativity only this world shows 

The weights of responsibilty halt the progression at every turn 

It hurts to go full speed and hit a bumb im not trying to flip and crash

Just roll into a new future and move foward and make it 

Or get up from the pain and hurt and just throw a bash

Hate to be brash

Reckless and inconsiderate

But your hate is now mine and the dances of the dark are now brought to the light 

Dont think the shade isnt there anymore 

Come share one last kiss with me in the dark lies that built the world

Im not ready for reality to hit me 

Life already bit me

My inner wars still have no victory 

But i gotta get back 

Sit back wait and learn 

With a hand and concentration so stern 

We shall nat no we will not let it set us back no longer

No two steps foward and three back

Ill push back

Dont hold me back

Potentional aint limited by boundaries no more

let me go so i can fly 

let me go so i can run and jump and play how i used to

i wont leave the yard i know where my home is id rather see a million succed

And me fail over and over

And let everyone tumble over 

Till they get back 

Like the kids starting school 

I love you and you love me too

But if freedom a batich let me cheat dont worry ill get back 


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Fri 19th Oct 2018 14:22

I Love This.

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