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Dont Stop

To long we focused on getting here now you want to take your time

No lets take it off now put your problems on the floor let our bodies go to war some how when you lay next to 

 My body reaches its exctasy I feel pleasure in the way w eundress and stare into each others vanity.. you see my vulnerablities and make my mind go weak

But thats not enough lay down let my warmth envelope yours and let your legs wrap around me 

From your lowest fantisies to your highest insecurties 

Let me love them all away as we kiss i feel more of you come on to me let me slide all my tricks into your magic 

Give me a moment let me tease your insides make them tighten and squirm 

Watch the rythm leave your body while i eat your body with the slowest kisses slurp the juices while they concentrated 

Grab your chest while i taste all your troubles and eat all your aggression 

I can tell by the way you changed your expression now im on top of you 

Ready to push all my furstration through to you

Now all my problems belong to you the are gone from me but forced in your head

The same way we were forced into this bed

And you begged for my....

Back to my penetration all through your dams and the bust 

The more i get closer the harder you gush

Now i feel you and your screaming for more 

Im pounding you sideways backwards if hit it while you on top 

Now the tremors in your body wont stop

Cum for me twice let your river flow the third 

Let your voice sing like the bird


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Fri 19th Oct 2018 13:26


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