Most of the hell I went through is when I walked on egg shells 

When I grew up I picked those up and gave them hell, you were a temporary breath

Coming in and going out I hate that I want to hold you in knowing I gotta spit you out 

Yes it hurts we all feel pain and I hold the sword that stabbed us both 

Its not easy to be king it's easy to me that's why you won't understand 

To subside my feelings I cover them in words and let my mine cradle them 

I take shots of my tears so the pain doesn't hurt 

The break up to make up ends and we see where we began.... now

When I walk away it's my head held high no tail tucked between my thighs

Proud dog without his bone might bite if you don't leave me alone 

Do I have to tell you come on 

Do I have to say where it's at 

Did you not understand life without it is a heart attack 

Even the trees and leaves grow green with envy seeing your love 

The birds and the bees got their song from our love 

I hate when I'm vulnerable opening old wounds 

When I'm weak like this I have to hear a old tune learn how to get it back 

Back to a better me 

Before people even knew me 

When I was hearing how I could be and what I would be 


◄ Hate You

Loving You ►


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