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I hate you

Yes I choose to be what I am anytime I make these decisions

I hate that I am the beast the feasts on your weaknesses and give into my gluttony

But I’m not all at fault and if I was would you fall into those cracks just to find my happiness

Or would you say it was unnecessary because you can find yours at the end of that fictional rainbow you so love to look at

If the world cracks apart the worst part is I still have to leave it with you in some way

And if the bucket kicks over you have something to do with how it gets cleaned up

I hate love I want it to burn for infinity and live in a never ending nightmare

But happiness deserves to find everyone I mean if a bullet can have any name on it

Happiness can’t mimic

Be a gimmick

Or run to you like you’re the finish

Its wild we dance around truths like fools at a bonfire

Play to close slip to deep in you will still get burned

I want to reciprocate what love gave me nothing but hard memories and words of hate

That can’t solve any issues to date

I’m wrong because I hold the gun to your chest of emotions

It’s bad because my bullets slip through devotion and track your motions

Scream in the car when nobody is listening but your soul hears you cry

That source of laughter makes your soul want to die

I hate you

Yeah those words run deep like

Imagine Michael Phelps running an 800 underwater bare feet

I hate you I hope you read this and you cry yourself to sleep

I hope when the dogs come barking they drag you by your feet.

I think it’s just the pain talking it doesn’t call collect and you better answer when it rings

Pain doesn’t have patience so if it has to erupt through be ready for what it brings.

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