Sex with the Devil

Happiness in those eyes

No more pain in those eyes

Never a lie told to me because what you got to lie for

Arms open ears turned body language focused

I got something to say and I need you to hear it but my mouth won’t speak it

If the relationship falls it’s because our love holds it up

It stops and starts our love stutters it needs some helping up

I love the unknown I need to know where you head at because it’s not where you lay your head at

In a twisted fantasy you want both you want that you want me

You tell deep secrets and lies when I’m in you and I don’t like that

Because I bend you backwards you twist and say what I went to say and I can’t stand that.

I let you be what you wanted to be you know something amazing for me

But when I look into those eyes I know what you want from me

You want

Lots of loving

Deep stroking

Mouth on the ear

Bed soaking

Loud moaning

My hand on your throat start choking

You want that how could I go somewhere else sex

Now you got it you don’t know what to do you staying for the sex or because he can’t love you like I do

They tap your mental that’s nice and your emotional ohm what a surprise

Now your legs in the air throwing up the peace sign?

But you throwing them up to me from another man’s room.

Well I hope you like his bedroom

Think about it every second lay there wallow in it

You’ve had sex with devil and now you gone you got a hallow feeling

You want me for me but your mind gone so it’s not a solid killing

Now I’m broken a crying devil on a rampage I want to just take out my frustrations on your walls break them in till the river flows

That made Noah put the animals on the Arc

But every time I go deeper my anger and sorrow weeps and I can’t handle it

I’m not going in no more but I can’t help it just because I want to hear you say these words to me

But you telling any man that so it’s irrelevant to me

It’s a foreign language to me

Love languages but they all have me questioning who I am to be

What are you to me?

If I let my demons out onto you would that be wrong of me?

Put them into you to make more of me?

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Paul Sayer

Mon 20th Jul 2020 19:50

That's a potent potion

philtre of a hydra.


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