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Its not in me but it speaks to mine directly contradicting my every decision 

I see a bad choice in actions i cant even see that as a lack of wisdom, i take it more as a detour 

To my land of freedom a place thats all peace and no waste 

Where all energy has a place and the face of love is seen and worshiped like the way it should be 

But ode to you and yours that find that love in between these lines that fine joy in time and stay sutble

Your in love to enjoy love and find your happniess well i find mine while reading in between lines 

The only reason i do not mix my feelings with yours is because when it spills on this paper of life it might not hold it 

Cause these words ohhh baby these words are intertwined with the nouns and verbs 

But they dont really mean anything until you look at them?

So my words dont have power and my actions do speak louder 

My thoughts keep growing till the words start pouring not spilling 

But this time it became Poetry.

new beginnings

◄ Mountain flower

Dont Stop ►


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