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Many nights are sleepless and this you wonder why

Coz sometimes this just happens, no matter how I try

I toss  n turn but sleep dont come, my brain gets in the way

As it wont bloody go to sleep and ruins my next day

I'm sure that this sounds weird to those who nod off in a wink

but when you have a crazy brain which wakes each time you blink

Sometimes it is an advert that plays in...

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Do they know it.s Christmas

HAVE YOU EVER HAD   ????????

When your house begins to tell you, you dont belong no more
it makes it very clear, you are not welcome anymore
so hints begin to show themselves, subtly at first
then more and more they make it plain its only getting worse

A nice warm house gets colder, the heatings ceased to work
the normal things, like bathroom taps have demons that'll lerk
the toilet s...

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A really bad day...


I got up really early, the sun was in the sky
I thought "i'll do the laundry,i'm bound to get it dry,
I sorted out the lights and darks, and put the first load in
It washed it and it rinsed it, but then refused to spin.

In anger and frustration, I opened up the door
the water left the washing and drowned the kitchen floor.

I went to make a coffee and the kettle b...

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In search of an identity......

All I see is a mist of darkness,
With nowhere to thread my feet in,
In World where there is absence of kindness,
I see a light of hope so thin.
I can’t go on; my body and my soul are giving in,
There’s no fire in belly to seek reasons for my quest,
With efforts and motivation of my kith and kin,
Now, I go along the path where the birds fly in the air so clean.
Then, I arrive at the gates o...

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And one day,

the sun stopped,

the rain stopped falling,

the flowers didn't look high,

the sky emptied of stars,

then a tear dripped

from the heart and became our breath.

We need a sacred tear,

before the fall...

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lovefeelingsFrom the heartinner beautynaturewisdomspiritualpoetrypoemphilosophyconsciousnesslifelightstillness

If I Take My Leave

If I take my leave of the green green wood

Home to Herne the Hunter and Robin Hood

Sunlight finding its way through the branches…magical

A living breathing ecosystem starting with the botanical

The symphony of nature provided by operatic birdsong

Natural balance perfecting, every creature does belong


If I take my leave of the green green wood

Would it cease to exist? I wo...

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To know my fingerprints
on another’s heart
could stir them into art
a priceless gift, a magic

To know there is a poem
written about me
those words, more beautiful
than I could ever hope to be

From the caverns of passed time
there comes a sound
a constant, quiet, ring
when I choose to listen
always there
telling of another way of living

That the heart of an artist
a complexly c...

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prismatic beings

legs crossed i lay, deep in prayer

as i enter her domicile pyramid prism with a rainbow flash

headspace filled with subsequent intrinsic peace and peachy afterglow, washing out wrath

sifting through the banks of her mind, i produce schisms, and visually metaphysical visions

visualization techniques split at the ream leaving a colorful flurry

scurrying across triangular entropy into ...

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New Age Spiritualityspiritualitynaturemotherlovelifepoetrypoemrelationshipshappiness

We Were Who We Were

It was 1990 when we met,

before we were who we were.


The nineties were running through sprinklers

in summer,

playing whiffle ball in the yard,


make-believe games, stick horses,

and dances to Green Day.


The 2000s were much the same,

with crushes, dear diaries,

womanhood, and makeup

sprinkled about like the dandelion seeds

we used to blow into...

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poetrypoempoetssad poemssad poetry

second wind

My vitality feels resuscitated with every breathe we share

two halves of a heart

you are the oxygen that pumps, vestibule, pair of consonance heartbeats

bounce off the walls.

we jump up and down hand in hand

your touch warms through and lights a fire inside and around

sound mind when your whisper incites a riot

the night is charged, god particles in the air.

our souls dance...

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beautybreathehappinesslifelovelove makingnaturepoempoetryrelationshipsspiritualspirituality

Seasons Like Feelings

It was so sudden and strange

How the seasons changed

Winter came

Once again

Way ahead of it's time

Now only the

Ice cold

And uncertainty

Were real

All that

Summer sun

Just Numb

Should she wait 

For it to thaw

As she did before

Or set sail


Warmer Climes

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Self Loathing’s Song

I am applauded for my supposed talents and works. Can’t they see these talents and works are nothing more than self-loathing’s reign over me.

Her quiet whispers are boundless as she drenches my ear with invectives and affirms my triviality.  Her voice has become a familiar melody that serenades my mind and her song confronts anyone who challenges her position. 

I attempt to war against her w...

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Beautifully Broken

Beautifully Broken

People surround me but inside I stand in solitude. I have slowly become victim to the sickness parade giving it way to ravage my passion and spirit.  

Despair clutches my soul tightly in her hand creating a continuum of anguish and relentless torture.  My vices allow her to slumber, but soon she wakes refreshed with the energy of a young fawn on an early spring day.  She a...

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Cryptical clues

On the tip of the tongue

Performed in a verse

Or a line of a song

Meaningful messages

Massaging your soul

Lost in a rhythm

You just can't control

Regular chat won't

Give you this thrill

But tuning in

to a poem

Certainly will

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A Love So Deep, I Can Not Sleep

A love so deep, I can not sleep.

Forever awake in a bliss, endless dream

I guess my thoughts are yours to keep.


Alone again, I tried counting sheep

But even in the dark empty you brightly gleam

A love so deep, I can not sleep


Even as I make my fearful leap,

I see you, in the peaceful stream.

I guess my thoughts are yours to keep


It’s been so long I can’t h...

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poemlove poemvillanelle

Heartbreak and Toothache

An unhappy marriage is like a bad tooth;

At first you ignore the obvious truth:

Something is wrong; it's causing you pain,

But you have no time to consult your brain.

So you take a pill -or have a drink or three,

Hoping to relieve your agony;

But the pain escalates until one day,

You realise it's not going away;

You're gripped with a feeling of horror and fear,

It can't ...

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Two apes having a head-to-head:

"It's friggin' absurd!" one of them said,

"Eight million species inhabit this earth,

Balancing nature and proving their worth;

But look at those creatures that are called 'man':

Ruining our planet as fast as they can;

They've polluted our air and poisoned the seas;

Their revolting habits cause death by disease!

Some of them perish with nothin...

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Tranquility in your presents

doves pecking as our kiss is tending

lips lock our mind in a spell, as the doves sing their song, letters spelling in the air.

clouds draw me close for a better look

fractals in the nooks, lump to lump, baby rainbows extend their hand and shake with glee

telling my lover she is the best mother to be


She see's the beauty in my beastial nature, cal...

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What I learnt from a tree

It just stood there

Happy to simply be

Sometimes a little gentle sway

Of it's skinny bark

In the breeze

Teasing it's leaves a bit

And when it was bare

It was still just ...there

Standing proud

Putting up with it all

Reminding me 

To do the same

Those determined little buds

Packed full of potential

Showing how essential

It is to live in hope

Of a new ...

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Memory of existence

What a peaceful thought.

That you do not hold my heart as you once did before.
To look at you and feel nothing in return,
to be free of your soul.
My mind is at peace and so is my soul.
Yet you reach for me to be part of you at times,
It is not something I yearn for anymore.
What a peaceful thought has come to mind.
You do not hold my soul anymore and I will forever be ...

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The street infused with an amber glow

Changing moods and colours into a twilight reality

Of half remembered days before

When night was dark and a panorama of stars stretched out across the sky

All the constellations existing as everyday entities

The Pole Star…re-assuring in its certainty to guide the way

Whole Oceans being crossed using only the night sky as a map

Compasses be...

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Boots 2

He slept with his boots on

Although true sleep is alien to him now

A cacophony of sound disturbs his slumber

Fear being his daily reality

He had volunteered, the Chorley Pals they called them

His friends were right there with him, wanting to do their bit

He had been in the hell to which they sent him for only two weeks

And yet he had already outlived all his Pals

A veteran ...

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Every Day A Celebration

Remember, Remember…the what of November?
Was sure there was something…try to remember
Dates in a diary reminders of significance
Sure there was something...just think perchance
Perchance to think…or was it sleep?
Or is perchancing to think altogether too deep?
Ahhh good old computer the answers I seek
To google or not? I’ll just have a peek
November is Vegan Month…hurray!
I’m writing this...

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The Water Diviners

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dowsingpoempoetrywater divining

Drawn together

Drawn together, by god's hand
canvas weathered, with black clouds on foreign land
placed on parchment in the darkness
the line is thin from me to you, each other's mind paint the others dreamscape

drawn to you, the flip book of life brings us ever closer as every moment pass
each page bookmarked and in immediate view, I pray always my spine hold from the load placed on you
on the margin ...

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Was it worth it

I don't care to hear what you have to say
I won't let it affect me anyway.
What you did ain't right
What you did made me tight.

I can't begin to understand your reason,
But what you said had a meaning.
We fought and
tonight I toss and toss.

Who would of thought your words
Could hurt this mockingbird.
That the blood that will spill
Would break my remaining will.

I don't care, you ...

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Her Name Is E...

A day without E is better off Breathless,

May my soul escape if my stream is empty.


Seek and find the girl named E,

packed with love she doesn't discriminate,

Her race is spectrum body tailored to your preference.


Undergo E she'll turn the toughest man empathetic.

Open your eyes wide as the sky,

Her love brings out a high unreal,

to experience one must be willing ...

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addictaddictiondeepDrugslovepassionpassionatepoemreal lifereflections

she stood still

sometimes i wonder how we got to this point

a point where you wonder whats the best

a point where you want to restart and forget

because i thought we're doing our best

giving all the love we have left

but look at us now, 

one has left and doesnt have any regrets

and the other one stood still, full of questions.

shes waiting, waiting and reassuring him that she believes.


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poempoetryloveenglish poempoetbrokenheartache

Nonet -Frangipani

Night heady with the lingering scents.. 
The tropical breeze caressing
Senses awakened to the peak.. 
Frangipani blooms, falls..
Left spirit healing 
Under the tree
Hoping to

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Pregnant Blue

 ,Blue, the dispirited lifeless one.. 
Blue, the dejected throbbing of the heart.. 
Blue, the downcast sky of the obscure sun.
Blue, the blasphemous ideas to depart.. 
Blue, the aristocratic blue blooded haughty men.. 
Blue, racy and robust quenching  drink.. 
Blue, the puritanical tight laced to be dismissed again.. 
Blue, the dreary tears drown with every blink.. 

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The Portrait

I hung the portrait on the wall and stood watching.. 
A face of youth,naive and innocently juvenile.. 
A face of graceful countenance,the  smile so alluring.. 
I hung the portrait on the wall and stood watching.. 
There came a day the face changed its contours taciturningly.. 
The knowing wise look, so dark and sensational .
I hung the portrait on the wall and stood watching.. 
Face ,a proj...

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I want to be magic... 
Enchanting, charming, casting spells of delight.. 
I want to be magic.. 
Swirling and shining like a crystal ball of light.. 
I want to be magic.. 
Unearthly, coalesced, in sync with the wider cosmos.. 

I want to be magic.. 
Spinning simple tales of lives, nothing any grandiose.. 
I want to be magic.. 
Absorbing  and enfolding myself  in the soulful poetry
I want...

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Nancy Theater

No need to go to Theater 
Today is the end of the show 
I wrote you final letter 
Actor decided to go 

No need to read my poem 
Nothing else in the mail 
To save you of bad clime 
My heart, began to fail 

I hope you get my point 
I wish you can get me 
I'm sure the Nancy Theater 
Closed. Do you agree? 

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Clouds drifting across the  blue sky..
Shades of startling grey and white ..
They encompass such pent up, brewed up grudges.. 
Floating across the towns, cities and villages.. 
Advent is with those light, white and frothy cotton candies ..
Ushering life with foolish hopes and absurdities.. 
Clouds of dismal sheen soon start to appear in the overcast skies.. 
Embittered are they of the peopl...

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wedding guest hats ..the truth

my hat fell off one day

my head stayed on and so did my hair

heads are designed not to fall off

hats are made for heads

hats fall off

some fall off

wedding guest hats are not secure 

they flatten hair styles

the wind might decide to be cruel that day

is this a risk you are willing to take?

no one wants to lose a wedding hat

no one wants hat hair

my advice if you...

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hatssilly poemweddingpoempoetrycomedy

Pleiades - An enchanting valley


Dazzling,twinkling, breathtaking valley..
Dusk and enchanting dawn so ethereal..
Daunting hills gazed admiringly.. 
Deodars and Pines surrounding the fluvial.
Droplets of rain and cimmerian clouds.. 
Dazed by the bewitching play of nature.. 
Devoid of the bustling, maddening crowd.. 
Destined to be the abode of a true admirer.. 

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being a table

No jaws to bite with 

not able to swallow 

No banquet to feast on

No hair to comb 

no nails to paint

no legs for feet 

no feet for shoes 

no water to wash with 

no water to drink

no eyes to see you

no you to see

no lessons to learn from

no emotions to feel

no oxygen to breathe 

no lungs to take a breath 

no music for listening

no ears to listen with


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The Angel

Her eyes would never see the rainbow and the light.. 
But by her, my soul was to be ignited and benight ...
Her tiny hands that day clasped unsteadily with my own.. 
Touching mystically my core in ways I have never known.. 
An orphan who embraced the world as if it belonged to her.. 
What vision dare not achieve, her touch unveiled and  gifted life to her.
Teaching her sounds and syllables, ...

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Frozen time

Time freezes for a while every single day..
The moments lie in slumber when we are drawn apart.. 
The closeness pirouettes in an enchanting ballet.. 
Time freezes for a while every single day
These goings and coming back are known to heal and allay
Seasons spent in the light of each other bring joy to the dear heart ..
Time freezes for a while every single day..
The moments lie in slumber w...

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Closing eyes, mind brings spectacular sights.. 
Brightly blooming daisies and daffodils.. 
The flush of the roses ushering a royal light.. 
The sun-kissed sunflowers near the majestic foothills... 

Sweet scent of lavender renders beautiful nostalgia.. 
The bountiful blooms bringing joy and embalming the soul.. 
The efflorescence and magical spread of the acacia.. 
Painting the canvas of m...

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So where is this most talked about paradise.. 
To transcend the abyss of pain, will it suffice.. 
For there is a silent and willing victim of monotone.. 
Who finds the ideas of a better tomorrow slightly overblown.. 
The ticking of clock sounds like footsteps of an impending doom.. 
For him paradise is a conjecture of an idle mind bloom.. 
A wishful gigantic escape from all the present calam...

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My reflection

when I look at my reflection, I find scars.. 
scars of torn relationships
when I look at my reflection, I find shadows.. 
Shadows of painful bygone days.. 

when I look at my reflection, I find memories.. 
memories of good lived and unlived times.. 
when I look at my reflection, I find peace.. 
peace etched out by turbulence of mind
when I look at my reflection, I find solace.. 
solace o...

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Pocket sized machine which changed everything,
Not a single person you'll find, without it.
It's become a must for every human being,
Part of everyone's survival kit.

The world has become smaller, definitely.
Doing wonders, with just a click. 
Lazy people grew lazier, life is easy. 
Oh pocket magician, we've fallen for your trick. 

Over time, the dependency grew. 
Features aplenty, en...

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One day

One day
One day the unsolved riddle will find its clues out.. 
One day this anxious await will no more exist.. 
One day the truth will dawn with no trace of any doubt.. 
One day we shall be destined to cross the roads of desist.. 

One day the mystery of unknown will cease to allure
One day new dimensions will emerge to explore.. 
One day our rendezvous would not be obscure.. 
One day we ...

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I want to speak one more Language

That everybody can easily speak

Same as our food or as beverage

If not, it means, we are weak


I wish I could deal with people

In everywhere, whatever they are

I hope I can once be able

To become a friend to those are aware


Serious or peaceful situations

Should not affect our hearts

The poverty or lux...

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Bereft of feeling.

I wanted to do a poem today to provoke a thought or thinking about the insanity of taking drugs. I have known many people succumb to Heroin and painkillers, alcohol and it all seems so futile I myself suffered with addiction through mental illness. Its a terrible thing and very dark. So here is my attempt at describing this disease.


Bereft of feeling

Stare into the abyss
eyes burning...

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Mental illnessdrugsaddictionpainpoem


I was having a dark day feeling very negative I gazed out of the window and looked to the sky then Cadence came to me. I hope you share in my thoughts when you realise how beautiful things can truly be at a base level.



can you hear it? that natural cadence?
that bird song disturbing the silence
so busy so dizzy a thousand trills
gazing up to the blue sky
whirling and divin...

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I could write

a thousand poems

inspired by your dimples

and the shadows they create


Poems that you 

could never

would never

should never


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Sitting by the river on an old bench behind an abandoned church

Our secret spot for my punk and I to witness the changing season in the colours of the leaves and identifying the signs of the new season where we shared our fears and dreams

Ate junk food and laughed even though the reality of our life was a mess

And I didn’t let it show I told my baby-girl we were on vacation when we were h...

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The far away

There is calmness when he is around.. 
An aura of warmth which is so alluring 
A balm of intimacy that pervades and surrounds 
Life is crazy and beautiful in thousand ways.. 
Slowly seeping into the core of my existences
He has filled my darkness with splendid rays
A connect felt so acute even from far off distances 

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