Clouds drifting across the  blue sky..
Shades of startling grey and white ..
They encompass such pent up, brewed up grudges.. 
Floating across the towns, cities and villages.. 
Advent is with those light, white and frothy cotton candies ..
Ushering life with foolish hopes and absurdities.. 
Clouds of dismal sheen soon start to appear in the overcast skies.. 
Embittered are they of the people's deceit and persistent lies.. 
Drifting with infinite grace, they absorb it all.. 
Overwhelmed finally, let the cloudburst fall.. 
Anger for the betrayals and seething with thunderbolts.... 
Breaks and pours reaching nooks and crevices of the asphalt  .
Quenching thirst of the deprived  soul  of earth...
Happiness springs from the rainbows and life's rebirth 
There on  beqins  again the journey of hope ,relentless,nonstop..
Emotions dive in steadily into the parched clouds drop by drop.. 
Cycle of life is a cycle of our different states.. 
One who lives it to the fullest ,has a masterpiece to annotate.. 



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mona s

Sun 14th Apr 2019 18:07

Thank you Jane..
Truly appreciate your comments.. ?

<Deleted User> (21818)

Sun 14th Apr 2019 14:34

I liked your choice of words and imagery with this poem, it flows beautifully from beginning to end.?

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